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All over the North Virginia area we install your new window or replace your old one helping every customer not only to beautify their home but also lower the energy bill.

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There are windows intended for both new construction or replacement. A new construction one does have a tacking lip that lets you attach it to the rough cut opening in a wall.

A replacement one does not have a tacking lip. Instead it is fixed into the existing window frame with clamping elements that go across the window assembly, which facilitates its installation. When renovating, typically replacement windows are used unless it is necessary to change the existing framing around the opening.

Whether you’re revamping your house or starting a new one from the ground up, we’ve got what you’re looking for. By choosing a contractor to replace windows from iTouch Roofing, we not only provide you with top-quality products, we support you with top-notch customer service.

Getting new windows replaced or installed can be a substantial investment, but if you choose wisely, you’ll be more than compensated with much improved light, greater comfort, added safety and security as well as energy efficiency. In making such an essential choice, always be sure to go with a window contractor that you can trust.

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Types of Windows

To a greater or lesser extent, every window controls the indoor temperature by preventing hot or cold air from entering. If the windows in your home are no longer able to prevent outside temperature interference, it means you need new ones.

Each type of window has its own specific features. In addition to the look that complements your home, you should consider their functionality, how much daylight they let in, if you want to open them or not and how you will be cleaning and maintaining them.

single hung window itouch roofing

Single Hung Window

Single Hung Window accommodate venting from a single operating bottom sash. They both provide easy cleanability from the home’s interior and stay flush with the wall, which makes them great for walkways or patios.

double hung window itouch roofing

Double Hung Window

Double Hung Window feature two operating sashes that swing up and down providing ventilation from the top to the bottom. These are more energy efficient than the single ones and can significantly lower the cooling and heating costs.

picture window itouch roofing

Picture Window

A picture window is a fixed large sash window, usually produced with no glazing bars. It is called this because it is specifically designed to show an unobstructed view of the surroundings, often acting primarily as a frame for the scenery outside the window.

casement window itouch roofing

Casement Window

A casement window is one that is attached to its frame by one or more hinges. Specifically, they are joined to the frame by side hinges or top hinges. In essence, they are like doors, except that instead of opening with a knob, they are crank-opened.

awning window itouch roofing

Awning Window

Awning windows are those that open at the top and out from the bottom, allowing ventilation to flow while protecting against rain. Often these are placed on top of walls for privacy or in tandem with large fixed windows for a better view.

itouch roofing transom window

Transom Window

Transom windows are the ones that are positioned over the top of a window, door or in the upper area of a wall where some type of ventilation is desired. These can have many different shapes, styles or designs, but will always be located at the top, hence its name.

slider window itouch roofing

Slider Window

Sliding windows are the ones that have panes that slide to the left or right in any direction within a frame. Since they are fairly easy to be opened in either direction, this type of window are generally found in hard-to-reach spaces such as over the kitchen sink.

bay or bow window itouch roofing

Bay or Bow Window

At first glance, bow and bay windows can look a lot alike. Both do a lot to opening up a room and allowing it to breathe. Bow windows tend to let more light into the space while a bay window has three openings, available in angled projections.