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We replace your damaged siding and install a new one to keep your home safe and looking as good as it always should.

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Siding Installation and Replacement

According to the type of product and the overall quality of the installation, the wall siding of your home sometimes can survive for more than 20 years assuming that the right conditions are in place and the appropriate care is applied.

This in particular is a really good news as siding can be a significant investment when building a house. Nevertheless, because it goes so long without a replacement, property owners does not pay much attention to it.

The fact is that at some point all siding will need to be renewed if you want to safeguard the entire foundation and interior of your house. However, based on some reports, the siding replacement of your property can provide a 75% return on investment.

Picking an installation company for replacing a damaged siding is not an easy assignment. Many factors need to be considered whether in terms of choosing the best type for your home or in regards to who can best install it. Get in touch with iTouch Roofing and let us clarify all your doubts.

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Types of Sidings

If your siding work is failing, water is more than likely going to find a way into the frame of your home. Moisture that is trapped there can lead to the wood rotting, mold growth, and other difficult interior damage.

We want to help you to reach a better look, value, and energy-use of your home. For that exact reason, the siding project serves a very important purpose. Much like insulation, it helps to shield away the home and insulate it from the harsh elements of the weather.

When it’s time to change the siding, you as a homeowner will have to pick from a number of materials depending on what you want to achieve, your preferences and your budget. At iTouch Roofing we take you by the hand every step of the way.

vinyl siding itouch roofing

Vinyl Siding

Homeowners love vinyl siding panels because of the durability, cost-effectiveness and easy maintenance these panels offer. They are also highly resistant to moisture and pest threats.

wood siding itouch roofing

Wood Siding

Not only does wood siding provide an elegant classic look, it is also a very durable and secure option that if properly treated can last for years without any visible wear and tear.

stone siding itouch roofing

Stone Siding

When it comes to siding, stones are very heavy to handle, which makes the installation harder and expensive. This type of material should be inspected by an expert at least once a year.

stone venner siding itouch roofing

Stone Venner Siding

Stone veneer represents a thinner, lighter, cost-effective and easier to handle alternative to natural stone and still provides an elegant addition to your home’s exterior features.

fiber cement siding itouch roofing

Fiber Cement Siding

If you’re building a new home or want to revamp the value of your existing one, fiber cement is a very good siding option, as it can match the look of stucco or textured wood siding.

stucco siding itouch roofing

Stucco Siding

Stucco is a fabricated siding product that uses natural materials to produce his look. It has a warranted lifespan of 15 years and can be made in a color that best matches your home.

brick siding itouch roofing

Brick Siding

Similar to stones, bricks are a more expensive type of siding as they are more labor intensive. They come in standard sizes and given the material they are of almost infinite durability.