Terms & Conditions

ITouch Roofing LLC. (hence forth known as “ITouch”) will furnish and install all labor, materials and equipment
where applicable and perform all of the work as noted on the attached proposal or shown on the drawings and/or
described in the specifications attached for the home owner, business owner, property manager, real estate agent,
insurance agent, etc. (hence forth known as the “Owner”) at the specified location.

The work to be performed under this contract shall begin only when all home-owner provided items have been
purchased and delivered but no later than four (4) business weeks from the date that ITouch receives a signed
contract and required deposits from the Owner. The work as noted in the original proposal is expected to be
complete within 3 – 5 weeks from the date of commencement. This completion is subject to change due to delays
in Owner provided items late arrival, changes or modifications in the scope of work, inclement weather and/or any
unforeseen events. ITouch shall not be liable for any delays due to circumstances beyond its control including but
not limited to labor strikes, casualty or general unavailability of materials and/or services.

• All work shall be completed in a workmanlike manner and in compliance with all building codes and
according to standard construction and remodeling practices.

• ITouch and any and all subcontractors agree to remove all debris caused during the construction process
by ITouch and any applicable subcontractors and leave the premises in a “broom clean” condition.

• In the event an Owner fails to make any periodic or installment payments due hereunder, ITouch reserves
the right to cease work without breach of contract pending payment or resolution of any dispute with

• In the event of a dispute requiring negotiation, mediation, arbitration and/or litigation, the Owner is
responsible for paying all legal fees and/or court processing fees.

• Any delay caused by events beyond the control of ITouch shall not constitute abandonment and shall not
be included in calculating time frames for payment or performance.

• ITouch shall not vacate the jobsite for a period of more than 5 consecutive days. During the duration of
the project, ITouch may relocate crews to other existing jobs. This shall not constitute abandonment of
the project.

• ITouch provides a warranty for all work completed in the defined scope of work for a period of twelve (12)
months following the completion of the work. For more information on warranties, please read the
defined warranty section.

• ITouch will not be responsible for the pick-up and/or delivery of any Owner provided items unless
otherwise indicated. At the request of the Owner, ITouch may offer delivery of such items at a minimum
delivery charge of $75.00 per delivery.

• ITouch is not responsible for defects, omissions or delays in any Owner provided items.
• All Owner-provided items are to be fully coordinated, delivered, and paid by in full by the owner before
ITouch can install Owner-provided items.

• ITouch reserves the right to apply a 25% mark-up on any contractor assisted purchases under the terms of
the proposal and any applicable change orders.

• Where applicable, the owner must provide either the minimum number of parking passes or parking
spaces for ITouchs’ and any subcontractors’ vehicles. Failure to do so may result in a delay in the work.

At the time the final payment is due, the Owner may withhold an amount equal to but not to exceed ten percent
(10%) of the remaining balance due. During the procurement of the punch list, the owner can provide ITouch one
(1) list of punch out items that need to be corrected. Any defects, which appear after this punch list has been
prepared, shall be corrected as part of the ordinary one (1) year warranty work. Warranty work can commence
only after all retain age payments have been made in full. The owner may not withhold final payment once the
original punch list items have been deemed corrected.

Any modifications to this contract, which increases (decreases) the cost, materials and/or scope of work to be
performed or the estimated completion date is to be increased (decreased) will be handled as a change order. All
terms and provisions that are stipulated in this contract shall also govern the change order(s.) A minimum deposit
of 50% of the change order amount shall be due upon the signing of the contract. The remaining 50% of the
change order amount shall be due upon the next payment cycle.

ITouch Roofing LLC. Will provide the home owner with a one (1) year full warranty on all installations only.
Installations include all electrical, plumbing, mechanical and finished works. The one (1) year full warranty period
begins from the date that final payment has been received and all punch list items have been completed. (For
more information on punch list items, please see the specified punch list section.) Any defect to be determined to
be caused by an Owner-purchased item or product during or after the one (1) year installation warranty with
ITouch shall be handled through the manufacturer’s product warranty. ITouch is not responsible for any
manufacturer’s warranty. Extended home warranties for appliances and systems can be purchased through
recommended third parties.

This contract is cancelable within three (3) business days from the date of signature if done in writing and
forwarded by certified mail. In the event of a cancellation, ITouch is entitled to full payment for all items
purchased for construction after contract has been signed.

To authorize work, sign below and return the signed original to ITouch at the address noted below. By signing this
Exhibit A, the owner agrees to the description, terms, prices, specifications and conditions as specified in this
contract. ITouch is authorized to do the work as specified. Payments will be made as outlined. Owner agrees to
pay all collection cost including reasonable attorney fees, in the event of nonpayment.

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